Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yet more Cheney/hooker rumors

I imagine my educated readers are familiar with the sordid tale of the "DC Madam," the alleged madam who kept a stable of high-price "escorts" who would render services unto various DC elite. She handed over a phone list of her long-time customers to ABC News not too long ago, and various stories came out that among her clients was a "former CEO." Not too many people thought much of this (I mean, what, who wants to picture someone like Lee Iacoca patronizing hookers??) until someone put two and two together and realized that, hey, Dick Cheney is in fact a "former CEO." Hence the rumors.

Well, today Roll Call magazine issued one of the strangest-worded (is that right?) statements on the issue, saying, (and this is a direct quote):

Vice President Cheney isn’t not on the phone records of the alleged D.C. Madam, who is accused of running a high-price call-girl ring in Washington, the accused madam’s lawyer said on Tuesday.
"Isn't not?" Ok, pretending for a moment that this wasn't a careless typo by "Emily Hell," Roll Call's writer (that name sounds totally made up, no?), does this not promise to be the least appetizing DC sex scandal ever? Dick Cheney? And hookers? Ugggggggh. (Full body shiver.)