Thursday, May 3, 2007


Today, the sadists at Portland's Willamette Week provide us with a tantalizing glimpse at the high-budget burgers currently dominating the local foodscene. I was all set to dismiss them as fancy slabs of overpriced and overhyped beef until I stumbled upon this:

The Gracie burger is one of the best things to eat in Portland right now. Like the Hurley burger, Gracie's starts with a hunk of lean Kobe and some foie—but just keeps going. Add two quail eggs, a brioche bun basted in duck fat, bacon mayo with huge chunks of perfectly salty swine, Cantel cheese, foie gras aioli and a bed of frisée that makes the sandwich appear as tall as Yao Ming,

Holy hell does that sound good. And, yeah, ok, it's $22 for a burger, but you've got to give them points for cooking the damn bun in duck fat.