Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oh, snizzap, yo! You got served!

America's favorite background-dancing starlet impregnator, Kevin Federline, is apparently none too pleased about the romantic stylings of his erstwhile leading-lady, Britney Spears. (Check out the fine prose of the last half of that sentence, btw. Writing about entertainment gossip turns everyone into Jackie Harvey.) According to "friends," Kevin heard about Britney's fling with "singer" Howie Day, and freestyled a few lyrical bombs on the guy.

“When Kevin heard they had a sleepover at her house, everyone wanted to know about it,” a source tells the new issue of Star. “He lit up a cigarette and said he guessed you have to head to the dump to find trash, referring to how Britney and Howie met while in rehab.”
Damn, son. When you get your ass served by Federline, it's time to step back. Also, incidentally, props to Star for setting the mood with that evocative "he lit up a cigarette" bit. Well done.