Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who We Love/ Who We Hate

This will be a new feature on the blog, "Who We Love/Who We Hate." It's exactly what it sounds like--each time we run this feature, we'll list one person in the world that we love, and then one person that we absolutely hate. Simple, no? We'll try to bring some balance to it, so that, say, Condi Rice will not be paired with, oh, Maria Sharapova. People who are loved by this blog generate immense feelings of goodwill and respect, whereas those who are hated generate feelings of loathing and abhorrence. So, without furthur ado...

1. WE LOVE....Bill Nighy!

Easily the coolest actor around today, he can save virtually any movie. He was the only redeeming part of "Hitchhikers' Guide," "Love Actually," and the way too long and pointlessly complicated sequel(s) to "Pirates of the Caribbean." And those movies all sucked! When he's in a movie more deserving of his talents, like "Shawn of the Dead," even in a limited rule, he takes over. He rules, we love him.

Ok, very good. Enough said about good Mr. Nighy. Moving on...

2. WE HATE...Dane Cook!

What a brilliant first choice for the category of most hated. Obviously this is hardly an original pick, but you can't go wrong pouring haterade all over Mr. Cook. He's a standup comic who is simply...not funny. You know "that guy" you knew in college who thought that if he told a joke that wasn't funny it would magically become funny if he simply shouted it? Well, that's Dane Cook. Also, he is universally loved among the Abercrombie-wearing, hat-tilted-just-so frat bro set, which by itself makes him a top enemy. So, well done, Mr. Cook.

(And, by the way, check the douchetastic pose he strikes above. If that isn't enough to inspire hate all on its own, I don't know what is.)