Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Say wha.....?

The history of cinema is filled with legendary collaborations. Hepburn and Tracy. Scorcese and DeNiro. And now, prepare to add a new couple to the list: Tim Allen, and....David Mamet. Wait. WHAT? Huh?

Tim Allen will star in "Redbelt," the mixed martial arts drama David Mamet wrote and will direct for Sony Pictures Classics. Production starts next month in L.A. Chiwetel Ejiofor co-stars.

Ejiofor, who was the first actor Mamet set (Daily Variety, April 13), stars as a Jiu-jitsu master whose purity is compromised when he is drawn into the movie business and manipulated into brawling in ultimate fighting matches.

Allen plays a troubled action star with marital problems who meets the master when he is getting pummeled in a street fight.
Good lord. All I can think of is Tim Allen showing up in the middle of Glengarry Glen Ross and getting his ass handed to him by Jack Lemmon. Actually, I'd totally watch that.