Friday, May 18, 2007

Anne Heche's descent into madness is complete

Everyone remembers Anne Heche, right? Ellen's erstwhile companion, who was later found wandering in the desert in a not-at-all-related-to-drugs stupor, talking nonsense about God and aliens and whatnot?

Well, now she's split up with her husband, and I was delighted to see that he was claiming that her "bizarre and delusional behavior" was reason for the judge to award him full custody of their son. Oh snap, I thought, this is gonna be good. Full of stories of full-time crazy Anne Heche doing god knows what. Well, turns out, maybe not so much.

In the papers, Laffoon claims that Anne once didn't put Homer in a car seat, she often cusses in front of the child, and packed school lunches that Homer "did not like."
Packing lunches he doesn't like? OH NO SHE DI'INT!!!!!