Monday, May 21, 2007

It's cute when they pretend Bush cares

It was big news over the weekend when Arlen Specter came out and said that Alberto Gonzales would probably step down before being faced with the indignity of a no-confidence vote in the Senate. Here's what he said:

Historically, that is something which Attorney General Gonzales would like to avoid. I think that if and when he sees that coming, he would prefer to avoid that kind of a historical black mark.
Specter's mistake, obviously, is thinking that he is working with a White House that is in any way similar to administrations of the past. Previous administrations--from Clinton to Nixon--would have shuddered at the thought of one of their cabinet officials (particularly the nation's chief law-enforcement officer) receiving a vote of no-confidence from the Senate.

The Bush administration, on the other hand, could not care less. Look at everything they have done without Senate approval or confidence. Democrats (and the few Republicans who care) need to remember, when dealing with Bush, that they are working with someone who has the mentality of a four year old. Tell Bush not to touch the hot plate, and he'll touch the hot plate. Tell him he can't have any more tater tots, and he'll stomp and scream until he gets more tater tots. It's pathetic, but that's where we stand. Gonzales isn't going anywhere.