Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I see from your bumper sticker that you are an idiot.

Driving home at lunch today I was behind a pickup truck with a strange bumper sticker. It read: "Creationists: We're Taking Dinosaurs Back!" Now, one could read that two ways, the first being that it was a statement addressed to creationists. However, the other bumper sticker on the car read "Evolution is Science Fiction," so I think we can assume that the owner was in fact speaking as a creationist. Ok, fine...but what exactly does that even mean? Taking it back from where? From who? Oh, yeah, and the accompanying graphic, as best I could discern, was of a dinosaur lying on its back, obviously dead, with a little mouse scurrying around it. (The dinosaur was a T-Rex, and the mouse was about 1/8 its size, which means that evidently this particular creationist has dreams of a recently-prehistoric past populated by oversized rodents.) Very weird.