Friday, May 18, 2007

New Rule for the Workplace

You know how embassies are considered to be the sovereign territory of the country represented by them? In other words, the US embassy in Paris is considered to be US soil, even though it's in the middle of France. Well, here's my new request: we need to treat the workplace restroom as though it is non-work territory. Here's the deal: when I'm at work, and I am walking to the restroom, or I'm in the restroom, I do not want anyone from the office to acknowledge me in any way whatsoever. Is that so hard to understand? Sure, if we are walking towards the same restroom, we can exchange that we-are-both-going-to-the-bathroom glance, but that's where it ends. And I REALLY do not want to have conversations with you INSIDE the restroom. Come on, people. If I'm standing at the urinal and you are washing your hands at the sink, don't ask me a question. That's just bizarre. K, thx.