Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Beyond scary

In today's world of teenagers with the texting, and the MySpace, and the Friendster, and etc., everyone is pretty much on tape 24/7. The novelty of seeing video of someone when they were younger has become a relic, consigned to the "you and your parents are into this stuff" wing of the Smithsonian. However, there is still a special feeling that comes from seeing old footage of the Chief Scum of today's political elite. Namely, the following clip of Dan Rather talking to Karl Rove in 1972.

What to say about all that? Well, a few things:

1) You expect him to have a weasel-y "heh heh" kind of voice, but instead he sounds like a 55 year old CEO. At the age of 22. That's pathetic.
2) Nice combover, brah. Way to rock that look.
3) Where have you gone, Walter Cronkite?