Thursday, May 31, 2007

Even the strippers hate A-Rod...

The NY Post is running an explosive, "exclusive" (perhaps the most overused word in journalism) story on how Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees has been "squiring" (what is this, a Jane Austen novel) a "buxom, blond hottie" around--this while married to the mother of his child. Class-ay. But wedged into the latest story was this amusing bit:

On Tuesday, hours after Rodriguez first was asked about his jaunt two days earlier with the blonde at the Toronto strip club the Brass Rail, he returned to the same joint, a dancer there said.

The dancer, Bobbi, said she does not know if Rodriguez was alone Tuesday.

"I used to dance with A-Rod all the time. He's all right," said Bobbi. "But he makes way too much money."
Ha ha, ZING! She went on to say that his ability to hit to the opposite field on a hit and run play has really declined, and that he doesn't seem to pick up the rotation on a two-seam fastball like he once did.