Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Once again, Specter plays the dupe

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) is going off on his high horse about how shocked, just shocked!, he is about the continued idiocy/incompetence/lying/bassackwardness of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. After Gonzales perjured himself in recent testimony before the Senate, Specter has demanded that the White House explain the "inconsistencies" (read: lies) in his testimony. The Hill reports today:

“Given the difficulty of discussing classified matters in public, I think it is preferable to have a letter addressing that question [of Gonzales’ veracity] from the administration … by noon tomorrow, which will be made available to the news media,” Specter wrote in the statement. “The administration has committed to producing such a letter.”
Ooooh, a letter! This is sure to resolve the situation to everyone's satisfaction. Let me hazard a guess--informed by, oh, everything that has happened in the process thus far--about what will happen:

1) Fred Fielding will write an incredibly annoying letter saying that Gonzales did nothing wrong;
2) He will not answer the question at all;
3) He will simply say that Gonzales' testimony was "consistent with previous testiomy";
4) Leahy and Schumer will freak the hell out;
5) Specter will do jack squat.

That's pretty much the way these things go. The White House does something stupid, the Democrats freak out, Specter goes on TV and makes scary pronouncements about how support for the White House is eroding, the press dutifully reports it, the White House makes an arrogant and misleading statement, and Specter backs down. That's what will happen again. Hope I'm wrong. But I doubt I am.