Friday, July 13, 2007

Ok, what the hell is actually IN Spam??

Yesterday, my office-mates had a summer party, and my team was dominatingly victorious in the inter-office softball game. As our reward for our athletic triumph, we were each gifted a can of Spam Lite. That's right. Not just Spam, Spam Lite. Delish! And, as you will note from the photo, Crazy Tasty!

After I got over the thrill of victory, I took a minute to read the list of ingredients on the Spam. The first: Pork with Ham. Wait, isn't ham a kind of pork? What the hell, Hormel. Second ingredient: "Mechanically separated chicken." Huh? If this doesn't evoke the very worst parts of The Jungle, I don't know what does. I get this image in my mind of some gigantic metal whirring device into which all manner of chicken bones are fed, and out emerges this gray lifeless product that is then sent on to the giant Spam processing center. Seriously, ugh.