Wednesday, July 25, 2007

IKEA: proud producers of shelves, beds, couches, herring, wall units...

The big news here in Portland (OR) is the opening of a massive IKEA store down by the airport. The expected community pandamonium is expected to be so hectic that travel agencies are warning customers to plan for an additional 30 minutes on their drive to the airport. Yow. That's a lot of Sensbøldd wall units, man! So, like any good consumer, I thought I'd check out the IKEA website to look for some shelves that I need to install in my home office. And, what do I find on their frontpage but the following horrific piece of debris:

Um, yes, average American consumer? WHY THE HELL are you buying HERRING from IKEA? It is a freaking furniture place! You wouldn't buy cocktail weenies from Crate and Barrell, would you? (Yikes, maybe you would.) Unreal. And who would ever expect that a modular furniture place would have to recall the glass jars of herring sold in their stores??? Crazy times.