Monday, July 23, 2007

Laughably inaccurate headline of the day

Today's award for the headline that is so obviously wrong that anyone viewing is likely to fall on the floor amidst great peals of laughter is the following, courtesty the Associated Press:

Las Vegas mayor: Gambling allegations won't hurt city's quest for a team
Uh, really? You mean that the allegations that an NBA referee bet on basketball games, and that he fixed the outcomes so that his friends would win bets, won't affect the odds that the NBA will locate a new team inside the capital of organized gambling in the United States? Now, I know that Oscar Goodman (mayor of Las Vegas) has to say this, because it's not like the guy can come out and say "oh, yeah, we're sunk, I mean, that's it. Might as well get Celine back for another two years of shows." Nevertheless, anyone with any amount of brain tissue still functioning knows that they'll never get a team. Never.