Thursday, August 23, 2007

Latest annoyances

For no reason, I'm going to list two things that really, really annoy me and which I have experienced lately, thus increasing the annoyance factor.

1. Vending machines that don't show that they are out of something until you've put in the money and hit the button. What the hell. If you are out of Diet Coke, then have the stupid "sold out" light go on, don't wait until I put in the two quarters, hit the "Diet Coke" button and THEN tell me you're out of it! Gah!

2. This is a habitual annoyance of mine, but people who veer waaaaaaay to the left when turning right, or vice versa. Why do you do this, people? This isn't the 1950s! I see people in Minis, Scions, etc., all really small cars with power steering, executing this move, and it drives me into unspeakable fits of rage. People who drive Suburbans and Excursions, and etc., do this as well, though that doesn't surprise me because those are stupid cars, and thus I expect stupid things from their owners.