Monday, August 20, 2007

From Portland: Junior Hannity & Junior Colmes avoid sex harassment charges

The big news in Portland, OR this week (and for the preceeding several weeks) is the story of two 13 year old boys who apparently got a little overenthusiastic at school and started patting the boobs and butts of their female classmates. INAPPROPRIATE! But the D.A. went a little nutso (or so the local media would have you believe) and filed all kinds of crazy charges at the kids, the consequence of which would have meant a lifetime of sexual offender registrations for the two. Well, it turns out that the judge hearing the case thought the whole thing was pretty silly, and tossed the charges. That's the news. But what I find fascinating about the story is that if you held an open casting call throughout the nation for young versions of FOXNew's "Hannity & Colmes" (the former a loudmouth, ignorant, stereotypically sanctimonious buffoon of a talk-show host, the latter an ineffective foil), you could not do better than these two. Observe:

The senior, FOX-endorsed versions:

And their junior, non-sex-harassing versions