Thursday, August 16, 2007

For all your stupid rich person dessert needs

The most recent issue of Forbes magazines introduces us peons to the high-end desserts our more moneyed bretheren inhale like hipsters drink PBR. Tops on the list is "The Fortress Aquamarine" (already I hate it) at The Fortress, in Sri Lanka. It costs a mere $14,500, and includes "an 80-carat aquamarine gem that rests on a sliver of chocolate shaped to resemble the traditional stilt fisherman that’s part of the resort’s logo." Tellingly, the magazine doesn't mention the actual food portion of the desert, but I guess that's beside the point. Here's a photo of the dish in question:

Dropping down quite a bit to second place, we find the "Brownie Extraordinaire with Saint Louis" at the Desert Experience in New Jersey (really, how gauche), which comes with "a Saint Louis crystal atomizer, a $750 keepsake filled with a shot of rare 1996 Quinta do Noval Nacional port wine to be sprayed into the mouth between each bite of hazelnut-coated brownie."

So there you have it. You either lay out 15 large for a huge stone on a plate in Sri Lanka, or you lay out one grand for a bottle of something to spray into your mouth while you plow through a brownie in Jersey. Tough call.