Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Once again I am bitterly envious of the Japanese

Yesterday saw news that Pepsi is introducing a new summer beverage to quench the thirst of its parched consumers: Pepsi Ice Cucumber, an artificially flavored beverage designed to taste like refreshing cucumber. I think this sounds awesome--on a hot day, cucumber is incredible stuff. However, there is just one drawback; the drink is only available in Japan. COME ON! What, does Pepsi assume that Americans are such unsophisticated consumers that they'll refuse to drink a soft drink that tastes like a vegetable? Ok...well, Americans probably are that unsophisticated, but I still think this would develop quite a cult following. I would buy cases, I can assure you. If you need to test this beverage in America, Pepsi, call me! (Or email me...the link is right over there to the right.)