Thursday, June 7, 2007

Joe Lieberman: Jackass loser who sucks and is a huge sucking loser

I hate Angelina Jolie because she is a self-centered egomaniac who selfishly puts her own image ahead of the lives of the thronging mass of kids she is acquiring like some demonic crazy old lady who hoards cats. Nevertheless, Angelina's various misdeeds only really affect her, her current male partner, and her kids. Not so for Joe Lieberman, the delusional and even more egomaniacal senator from Connecticut. As the only Democrat (although he's no longer technically a Democrat, since his party had the good sense to kick his ass out of the party during the 2006 primaries) who is a die-hard supporter of the Iraq War, Joe gets the chance to appear on TV with great regularity, proclaiming his belief that our cause is noble and just, and that we are winning. Today he took his delusions to new levels, though, claiming in an interview with CNN's John Roberts that our increasing death toll is...proof that we are winning:

ROBERTS: But, Senator Lieberman, how do you square your claim of significant progress with the fact that May was the deadliest month in at least a couple of years — 26 U.S. servicemembers have died so far this month, just the month of June alone — and the fact that sectarian deaths are apparently on the increase again?

LIEBERMAN: Well, two parts. Here’s the point: We’re in a war. The surge strategy, which is just beginning to be fully implemented, has worked. It has reduced sectarian deaths, particularly in Baghdad where we’re focused. [Note: actually Joe's completely full of it on this last point. Sectarian deaths in Baghdad were up in May.]

They ticked back up in the last month. Why did they do that? Because our enemies, the insurgents and Al Qaida — insurgents particularly supported by Iran — see us winning, and they’re doing desperate things. More of them are prepared to blow themselves up to kill Iraqis or American soldiers.
Got that? The number of US deaths is on the rise, and the number of sectarian deaths is also on the rise, because we are WINNING. So apparently our troop deaths would decline if we were losing. Glad we've got that figured out.