Friday, June 22, 2007

The good news is, we can remove your gallbladder...

Today the Oregonian tells the spellbinding tale of a local doctor who is pioneering "natural orifice" surgeries--that is, instead of creating a new opening in the body to do some sort of surgery, the surgeon uses an opening that is already there. Okaaaaaay, sounds kind of icky. And, case in the point, the specific surgery in this story was the removal of the gallbladder...through the mouth! Holy crap! "Hey, doc, why the hell does my throat hurt?" "Oh, yeah, we took your gallbladder from your abdomen, up through your throat, and then out through your mouth." Damn!

The article then goes on to say

He is part of a group of doctors and medical device manufacturers nationwide working to develop "natural orifice" surgeries — through the mouth, vagina and rectum — to help eliminate pain and scarring and reduce recovery time.
Back up. You're going to remove things through the rectum in order to reduce pain? Something about this word "pain" makes me think they really have no idea what that's all about.