Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"Undecided superdelegates" are pathetic jackass losers who deserve nothing but scorn and hatred

"Undecided superdelegates" are the new "undecided voters," that great mass of people the media lionizes in article after article weeks before an election. Both groups consist of people who have been exposed to months of campaigning, god knows how many debates, and a more-than-thorough discussion of the relative stances on every conceivable issue, yet they still lack the information to make an informed choice. Why? Because they are more contemplative than your average voter, weighing the pros and cons of each candidate in a deliberative manner so as to arrive at the most rational decision?

No, because they are idiots. Seriously, if you are undecided at this point, you are an idiot. Show some backbone. Show some leadership. Show the slightest hint that you're willing to "do the right thing" even if it means you may come out on the losing side. If you can't articulate your reason for endorsing someone at this stage in the game, you obviously lack the decision-making ability to serve in such a position of responsibility. Honestly, grow a spine.

The day of the final primaries, and there are still a good handful of Democratic senators who find themselves unable to make an endorsement. Is it any wonder these guys get rolled time and time again by the Republicans on every Iraq funding measure?