Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ABC News slips pro-oil-drilling propaganda into otherwise boring story on economy

In it's daily "here's why the market lost _____ points today" story, ABC News points out that virtually all sectors are taking it in the shorts from the rising cost of oil. Ok, yeah, nobody disputes this. They leave the sainted world of facts, however, and take to the skies with the following flight of fancy:

Those worried about rising oil prices got some good news this morning when President Bush urged Congress to end a ban on offshore oil drilling.
Excuse me, wha? This is clever. First of all, is anyone NOT worried about rising oil prices? No, everybody is. Therefore, everybody got good news when the President urged Congress to end the ban on offshore oil drilling. Why is this good news? Are there any studies that show that this will do anything for the price of oil? No, there are not. Nevertheless, ABC News feels compelled to claim that anyone (that is to say, everyone) who cares about the price of oil will be head over heels in love with the President's awesome proposal. Sheesh.