Friday, June 20, 2008

"I am aware of all internet traditions"

For those of you interested in catching the birth of an internet meme just days after it launches, get over to Lawyers, Guns and Money and witness the latest: "I am aware of all internet traditions," spoken by an uptight right wing commentator after an earlier comment of his was roundly mocked by the other commenters. Essentially, he claimed that a blockquote used by the original post was not contained in the linked post, other commenters reminded him that the blockquote in question was a paraphrased reduction of the original argument, and he responded by saying (note the blockquote here)

I am aware of all internet traditions and also of literary conventions in which placing something in quotes or in a blockquote means that your are quoting that person.
And, behold, a meme is born.

It's like seeing the start of a supernova or something.