Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Worst X-ray you will ever see

From time to time especially gruesome x-rays pop up on the net, usually featuring images from someone who fired a couple nails into their foot, or was walking around all day with a butter knife protruding from their skull, or some such. Today's however, is fairly more disgusting, thanks to the magic of 3-D. This dude got a chair leg driven into his face during a...wait for it...nightclub brawl, and, amazingly, lived to tell about it. Check it:

On the plus side, this guy will never, ever lose a "how did you get YOUR scar?" competition. The article about him describes his injury as follows:

The leg of the chair penetrated Mr Fahkri's left eye socket, moved his eyeball to the side and continued into his neck.
How he didn't die remains a mystery, needless to say.