Thursday, September 27, 2007

ABCNews plays "Adventure With Clip Art"... and loses

I feel bad for the photo editor for most major websites. Their budget has been slashed to pay for Katie Couric's wardrobe consultant on her trip to Baghdad, they've got some beancounters yelling at them about why they keep wanting to send a guy out to Times Square to get photos when "Times Square looked the same last year!" and no doubt the CEO just wonders why they can't "just Photoshop the goddam thing and save a few bucks?" All saying, the temptation to use clip art or "file footage" must be pretty strong.

That, however, does not excuse the image ABCNews chose to accompany a piece on sexual harassment at the office, which they are calling "Office Sex Harassment: Too PC?" Here's the image:

First question: the article is about sexual harassment in the office. So why did you get three obviously-in-makeup actors portraying old guys sitting on a park bench to be your subjects? That makes NO sense. Second question: what the hell kind of posture is that woman displaying? It's so obvious that they positioned the female in the left hand side of the camera and said "ok, lift up your back leg as if you are walking past these scuzzy and lecherous old horndogs." But it completely fails.

A final note, before I close: if you squint your eyes enough and use your imagination, it's easy to pretend that the woman in this photo is being harassed by a bizarre (yet totally fun, probably) combination of (from left to right) David Cross, Bill Clinton, and Garry Marshall.