Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hey Democrats... here's some helpful strategy for you

Since the Republicans managed to totally pwn you guys, and got half of you to sign on to a resolution calling a bunch of meanies, have any of you contemplated getting General Petraeus himself on the record on this issue? In other words, ask him, "General Petraeus, were you bothered by's advertisement in which they referred to you as "Betray-Us?""

Because, here's the brilliant strategy: he's a tough-as-nails military guy. No way is he going to admit on the record that he was the slightest bit bothered by something that a bunch of long-haired hippies said about him. So he'll go on record saying "No, it didn't bother me." Then, you can use HIS OWN WORDS for your justification as to why you voted down the preposterous resolution. Smart, eh?

However, since half of you (including you, Harry--way to allow that resolution to see the light of day) got totally schooled on this issue, perhaps you can use this kind of thinking the next time the GOP tries to capitalize on a not-even-close-to-peripheral issue to ignore their own failings. (Hint: it will next happen during the 2008 campaign. Try not to act surprised.)