Thursday, April 26, 2007

Casual Headline Alert

Today's ultra-casual headline comes to us courtesy KATU news in Portland. It concerns the Portland tram, which has generated much local controversy. It's a long story, but essentially the gist is this: a major research hospital in town was running out of parking space, and so it convinced the city to build it a tram running from offices down on the river up to the hospital. The city told the public it would cost $18 million, and it ended up costing $54 million. To make matters worse, the tram rides right over a whole neighborhood, giving tram-riders an intimate view on the goings on below. So, one local resident got ticked off and made a banner to display his displeasure. Ok. Anyway, long story, like I said. But our esteemed local news folks apparently decided to write the most laid-back headline ever for this story. Observe:

"Guy?" "F-bomb?" "Beef?" Good lord.